Mo Zhang

Work Experience

  • HCI product designer | NetEase | Hangzhou | April 2016 - now
    Worked on AR projects under Netease AI Department widely ranging from hardware design, mobile app design, cross-platform website design, to OS design, and software developing tool design. Kept exploring new ways of interaction, and worked with algorithm engineers to validate how AR technology could make a change.


  • Carnegie Mellon University | Integrated Innovation Inst. | Pittsburgh, PA May 2015
    Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services
    A multidisciplinary program combining design, engineering, and business.

  • Tongji University | College of Design and Innovation | Shanghai, China July 2014
    Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Design.

I love to be an innovator. From my first encounter with design, I have begun to view the world in different perspectives. I gradually develop a pair of sharp eyes not only in discovering beauty but also in finding problems. I love to think outside the box and to challenge myself. To me, a great design not just solves problems, but solves them in an elegant way.

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Mo Zhang
Phone: +86 134-2966-1756
Skype: mo.zhang.43