Aura is a gesture-controlled projector developed by Netease Aura team. I initially joined this project only to help with the industrial design. The functional prototype was sucessfully exhibited on AWE 2017. Then starting at august 2018, I began to lead the Aura design team. We aimed at building the ready-to-sell product including the hardware, the operating system, the developers’ platform, and apps for demonstrating targeting scenarios.

We have explored three buissness directions including education, new retial, smart kitchen. Right now we mainly focused on preschool education.

Product Features

Touch Interaction

Support interactions of multi-fingers and multi-people. No need to embed any device on the surface, and little restrictions for the material choice.

In-air Gesture

Support multiple static and moving gesture control through 21 joint point hand recognization. Special customized gesture control is also viable.

Object Interaction & Porjection Mapping

Support 3D object recognition and high accuracy projection mapping, which can achieve naked-eye 3D effect. Can detect different states between hands and real objects.

Image Recognition

Recognize and track image through the RGB camera. Support both large-size images like picture books and small-size images like cards.

Aura's Operating Sytem, The Spotlight OS

Aura is a android device, but with projection method and gestures controls, we think Aura is not just a big touchcreen. The table under a Aura device is just a normall table poeple can use in daily life. Only when need, Aura device will project information onto where you want. That's why we redesign the android OS into the Spotlight OS.

Aura's Developers' Platform

Target Market

Use cases

  • Preschool Education.
  • New retail.
  • Interactive Sandtable.
  • Industrial Design

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