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“There are more than two dozen North American bird species that prefer to nest in a natural cavity, such as a hole in a dead tree. These cavity-nesting birds will often adapt to nesting in a birdhouse (also known as an artificial nesting box). Providing nesting boxes, especially in urban and suburban areas, is an important way to help these bird species survive, as natural nesting cavities become more and more difficult to find.” [1] Helping birds find homes is not as simple as to buy a birdhouse and put it up somewhere in your garden. Various research and techniques should apply to ensure there are actual birds coming to nest inside the birdhouse. Maintaining birdhouse's functionality and hygiene is another thing one should add into consideration. Most importantly, what should we do once birds live inside the birdhouse?

This project aiming at improving the overall experience of bird watchers, by helping users pick up the correct birdhouse, minimizing maintenance needs, and navigating them to record and share their bird watching experiences as well as providing guids to handle emgergencies.

Bird Species - Correct Size


It’s important to recognize that most bird species have specific preferences for the kinds of cavities — or nesting boxes — that they’ll use. For some, the orientation is important. Others are particular about the internal size of the house, or the size of the entrance hole. Here are some of the things to think about when adding a birdhouse to your yard:

  • Location
  • Box Size
  • Hole Size and Position
  • Housekeeping

" [1]

Timeline / Pain Points

Doing research before getting a birdhouse home is a very important step that bird-nesting helpers would most likely skip at the beginning. Targeting at certain bird species and preparing birdhouses that meet their specific living habits is essential. The contrary would result in no birds to come.

It's not easy for everyone the assemble and mount a birdhouse with a hammer and nails, especially kids. One should fasten the nails after successfully fledging and wash the birdhouse with a weak bleach solution to make sure it's safe and hygiene enough for the next round of breeding.

A big portion of people says once they put up their birdhouses, they forgot all about them next morning. Is there any way we could enhance bird watching experience and getting people feel more involved in this activity?


  • Find the correct birdhouse
  • Customized accessories
  • Replace worn pieces
  • Assemble by hands
  • Easily disassemble to clean
  • Modular accessories
    (Inside camera, mounting/ decoration accessories)
  • Bird watching record dairy
  • Share through social media
  • Help with emergencies

  • Website

    Modular Birdhouse



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