Insight is an AR app that aims at helping people explore more of the world. It was successfully launched online on September 20,2016. It started as a to-bussiness app which helps shopping guids exlpain complex functionalities of their products to consumers. Then it expanded into other areas like online marketing, gaming. I was the product designer who designed Insight from scratch.

Account management platform

I was also responsible to design the account managment platform which helps managers of our client company to distribute Insight app accounts to their shopping guids.

Resource management platform

The resource management platform controls the contents which appear on the app. Through rounds of discussion about data structure and access control with our developing engineers, I designed the first version of the platform.

Although I didn't design the V2.0 of the platform, I was still in the design discussion. We build our Authoring Tool, an AR content creating tool, into the platform and started to invite other developers outside the team to create in the platform. Other then that, we defined the process of content submission, review and publish.

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