A Map from Home to School


This project is under an interesting assumption: One day, a friend of yours showed up in front of your door, but you're not allowed to talk to him. Somehow, you can magically give him a piece of paper that tells him how to meet you right outside your classroom tomorrow. This project is all about convey information precisely.

The route from my home to school is very simple. It's 20 minutes walk straight down Morewood Avenue. The challenge is how to navigate my friend going through campus to find the right place to meet. Thus, the strategy is to simplify information on Morewood Avenue and provide essential details about the campus.

First Draft

Step 1 -- Simplify the route

Step 2 -- Enlarge campus area & Draw iconic 3D features.

Second Draft

After a completing my first draft, I show it to others to test it out. Here's some problems I find:

  • Only a few of the viewers noticed the enlarging sign on the map.
  • The timing indication part was not straight forward. As I enlarge the campus area, the timing bar become longer on the campus side (5 min) than on the Morewood Ave side (15 min).
  • The note dosen't pop up at first glance.
  • Background color attracts too much attention.


Final Design


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