Introduction: the Spotligh OS

2018. Q3 - now

Aura is a android device, but with projection method and gestures controls, we think Aura is not just a big touchcreen. The table under a Aura device is just a normall table poeple can use in daily life. Only when need, Aura device will project information onto where you want. That's why we redesign the android OS into the Spotlight OS.


Design Metaphor

The Spotlight Metaphor

Design principle: Information should be shown at where it's needed.
Metaphor: An Aura device is like a magic spotlight, which can light up information hidden behind the real world.(Augmented Reality)

Spotlight in different states

System Functional Module

Key Features

UI layer relationship with real object

Wireframe (portion)

UI Design

User ability test

Since our device isn't mass produced, there's no way we can accumulate enough data to analyze users‘ behavior. Thus, we normally gather volunteers to our office to complete tasks and do think aloud activities. Also, we use SUS by John Brooke to get a quick sense of how dose our system perform.

Here's the process and result from our last test.

Design Tips for developers

Here’s some design tips I've been writing to the developers who wish to creat content on the Aura device.


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