Traveling on the road is exciting. Nice food definitely adds credit to the trip, but to find the best restaurant is for sure a challenge, not to mention there're facts like time limits, family interests, convenience, and price that should be taken into consideration. EASY TRAVEL is an app that helps travelers find best food along their travel routes.

Problem Scenario

User Interaction Flow (Original)


Userability Test

Because the candidate isn't very familiar with apps language, the major method I choose for usability test is task based method, which means various tasks were assigned to the candidate to test if certain function is working well or not. Then followed with a short interview to find out their opinions. Here's what I found need to be improved:

  • Users still wish to search restaurants based on one certain location.
  • It feels inconvenient to enter both start location and destination location.
  • Users spend less attention to the food images on the restaurant page than they actually want to.
  • The dark color for the eat here button makes it less noticeable than the red button besides it.
  • ...

Before VS. After



Revised Prototype


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